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Speak Your Mind, End The Silence!

Comprehensive Psychotherapy

Triumph over your mental illness and find a new
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Leading Psychiatry & Neurology Healthcare Centre

Empowering rejuvenation

Our clinic delivers all-encompassing mental healthcare services.

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Speak Your Mind, End The Silence!
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Leading Psychiatry & Neurology Healthcare Centre


A Better You – Best Psychiatry & Neurology Clinic in Kolkata

“A Better You” is an exclusive Psychiatry & Neurology specialty clinic in Kolkata. Our clinic stands as the ray of hope for many struggling with mental health disorders and neurological diseases. We attentively listen to your problems and slowly guide you to the shore of healing with advanced psychotherapeutic procedures and cutting-edge neurological therapies. Our methods are scientific, proven, and effective. A lot of times, people suffering from psychiatric disorders find it difficult to navigate the everyday demands of normal lives, including school, academia, or the workplace. They also find it difficult to communicate or open up about their sufferings. “A Better You” provides a safe space for you to unburden your mind, speak freely and address your suffering.


Our Treatments

Therapies We Offer



We treat all kinds of debilitating mental illnesses with advanced psychiatric procedures and medications.


We lend a compassionate ear to your suffering, helping you uncoil the knots of your mind.


We handle the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Why Choose Us

Break the Stigma, Embrace Healing

We hold formidable expertise in diagnosing, managing, and treating diverse psychiatric,
psycho-somatic, and neurological symptoms.

Qualified Team

Expert Team

Our team is comprised of highly experienced Psychiatrist, Neurologist, and Psychologist who confidently handle all types of mental and neurological illnesses.
Unmatched experience

Robust Experience

Our decade-spanning experiences have rendered us confident to tackle all kinds of neurological and psychological disorders with a robust success rate.

Precise Treatment

Tailored Treatments

We excel at providing treatments that are targeted, personalized, and capable of addressing the root cause of the illness.

Compassionate clinic

Compassionate Clinic

We lend a compassionate ear to the sufferings of our patients, providing them with safe, non-judgmental spaces that allow them to open up freely.

Personalized experience

Personalized Experience

Our clinic makes sure that every patient gets a tailored treatment and personalized experience to help them recover at their own pace.

360-degree  support

360-Degree Support

We offer a versatile range of mental health treatments, whether bipolar, OCD, or addiction disorders, with equal expertise and efficiency.

Our Testimonials

What our patients say

Dr. Subhadeep Roy

Patients Consulted

Patients Served

Patients Healed

Patients Recovered


Success Rate

Patients Success Rate

Ask Us

Frequently Asked Questions

I have anxiety disorders; does that mean I am schizophrenic?

Though certain cases of schizophrenia are accompanied by severe anxiety episodes, anxiety disorder is a more generalised condition and can be a symptom of any other mental illness as well. Moreover, anxiety grips healthy people as well. Only when it overwhelms you and impairs your daily function should it raise the alarm and concern.

What should I expect on my first appointment?
Depending on the type of symptoms you have, as well as the type of treatment you are seeking, your experience of the first appointment will significantly vary. However, typically the doctor will patiently listen to your symptoms, particularly what is bothering you and causing you distress. Upon careful listening, the doctor will make some preliminary diagnosis and advise you accordingly. He might ask you to take up some medications or deliver you some suggestions on how to conduct yourself in due course. Moreover, he might as well advise you to schedule further appointments with you.
How can you reach out to us?
You can reach out to us by either filling out the enquiry form down below or directly calling us on the number given on the website.

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